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Related article: Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 09:03:27 +1100 (EST) From: SC Subject: after the receptionAfter the reception Elizabeth and I made our way back to the hotel room that we were staying in. we were sharing a room with my brother Anton, but he was still downstairs attempting to pick a chick that was at our table.Liz and I were sharing a double bed, and Anton had the other one in the room. It was midnight and Liz went to the toilet first and got herself ready for bed, I got undressed and into my nightgown. I had come to realise when Liz came back out of the bathroom in a towel that I had never seen her fully naked, she always had on underwear as she did when the towel dropped and I saw her small dark skinned breasts. Liz is dark as she half Greek. Liz and I have been sisters since she was 8 and I was 10, her dad married my mother. Over the last 8 years she has spent Hussyfan Lolitas 2 years away at boarding school due to her behavioural problems.We were both in bed and talking about the evening when she reached down and pulled up something from the side of the bed. She produced a Hussyfan Lolitas small penis from her bag. I could make it out in the dim light. I laughed and said, "What the hell are you going to do with that", "masturbate under the covers" she replied as I looked at her put the plastic penis under the covers and she smiled at me as I then saw her move gently. I watched Elizabeth perform a sexual act beside me, and I was curious as the alcohol was starting to make me horny. I had never known her to have a dildo or to masturbate, so it was surprising.I watched Liz play with herself and insert the object between her legs under the covers. I watched her while lying on my side as she closed her eyes and concentrated on the object. Then Liz reached over and put the vibrating object against my leg. She knew I was curious.I then felt her reach between my long legs and find my opening, as I did not ever wear panties to bed. I then felt a vibrating plastic object gently touch my opening and slide inside my body. It felt nice as I lay there letting my younger sister push in a fake penis. I lay back feeling the vibrations of the object. "That's nice Liz" I said to her as she then moved her body over mine and inserted the penis all the way. I lay there in bed feeling Liz push an object into me and she gently rubbed my clit. My sister gently rubbed my clit as I felt a vibrating penis enter and penetrate my body. I was now starting to get horny and turned on with this action.Liz then pulled the object out and pushed it back inside her vagina and I watched as she slid it up the side of her panties that she was wearing. "Take off your underwear and let me do it for you " I said to her as I reached for her, but she pulled away. I did not know why, "I'll make you orgasm, but you have to close your eyes" she said to me, as I smiled and decided to let her masturbate me. I then spread my legs on the bed and decided to let her re-enter the penis inside me.I saw her get between my legs and under the covers. I then felt her tongue move up my leg towards my vagina and then I felt her tongue gently lick over my opening. She spent time licking my clit as she fingered my vagina. I could hear her taking off her panties and I then felt the vibrator move against my leg as she continued licking me.I then felt her body move forward over mine and I was expecting to feel her vagina rub against mine. With my legs spread, I felt a warm object against me. I then felt an object enter my vagina and it did not feel like plastic. I put my hands down and she pushed me away. "What is that?" I asked as I felt a small penis enter my body. Then Lizzy came closer to my head I could definitely feel a penis enter my body back and forth. She looked at me as I lay there in amazement. My half sister was fucking me with her penis, and it felt so nice. It was small though and I wanted to touch it and see it, but Liz kept on penetrating my 17-year-old vagina. I wanted her to pull out and show me, as I was curious now about this whole incident. In a matter of a minute after entering me I could feel her penis head enlarge in my small tight vagina. Then she breathed out as she released inside my vagina. Liz withdrew her Greek penis from my body and lay next to me. I reached down and felt a small amount of liquid inside my vagina, and I looked at her and she looked as though she was waiting for a reaction."Are you angry" she asked, "No, not at all, I just never had any idea or knowledge that's all". As we spoke to each I realised she had a vagina and a penis, but her vagina was the more sensitive area, but she is able to use her penis to orgasm as well. We both spoke to each other for about 10 minutes as I reached over and touched her crotch area. I slowly pulled her 15-year-old penis back and forth; it was about the same size as a penis I sucked when I was 14.I then gently massaged my sister's vagina and slowly pulled her penis up and down. Liz lay there more relaxed as I played with her penis and gently pulled it back and forth. Then I put my mouth to her breasts and licked around her small dark hard nipples. I sucked on them as I gently masturbated her cock. I was now really turned on. I then put my mouth down her body to find her cock and I put my mouth over her flesh. I started sucking my younger sisters penis as I put a finger into her vagina. Liz then reached over and gently caressed my breasts through my shirt as I sucked her penis. I was now enjoying sucking a cock, as I had no idea when it would explode in my mouth. Then we both heard the door lock and the door open, which then scared us both so I quickly moved back up the bed to the pillow.Anton walked in the room with another person. Both Liz and I lay there and listened as he made his way into the room and spoke softly to presumably a girl. I had asked him not to enter with another chick, but he is older than I am so he would bully me otherwise.Anton was speaking to Claire as they sat on the double bed that he had. I could hear them kissing on the bed and clothes started to come off onto the floor. I could then make out a uniform of some kind on the girl. They kissed one another and I could see Anton lifting up her skirt. Both Liz and I watched our brother pull off his shirt and pants and underwear. Anton was now naked and he sat on the bed with his penis standing upright as Claire pulled down her underwear but kept on her skirt and top. She seemed to be in her late 20's and seemed to work for the hotel or the restaurant. I couldn't quite make out who she was, but a nice brunette.We watched as they kissed, and Claire then started sucking my brother's cock as she knelt on her knees on the floor. I could see the backside of her body in the dark. Eventually Claire then moved up and sat on my brother's penis that disappeared into her body under her skirt. I then felt a hand from Liz gently rub my vagina and as she was behind me I then felt her body move closer to mine and she pushed her penis against me from behind. I watched my brother with another girl on his cock, and I could feel a penis insert into me from behind. I was now very turned on. I could then see her laying face down on top of Anton and his penis ramming her vagina from underneath. I was waiting for my brother to orgasm, but he persisted in fucking this girl.After about 5 minutes of upwards penetration Anton then sighed, as he shot cum inside Clair. I was fascinated to watch the penis then withdraw from her body and it was sitting against the back of her body. Claire then rolled off and stood up away from the bed. She put back on her underwear and continued getting dressed as my brother lay there after his orgasm.Liz and I both watched as Hussyfan Lolitas this girl dressed and then disappeared out the door in the dark. When she was gone my brother sat up and I felt Liz withdraw from my body under the covers. "Nice job Romeo" I said, as I looked at him sitting naked on the bed ready to get up. "How much did you see?" "Your whole performance brother" I replied as I started giggling with Liz.He walked over to the bed and his penis was still standing outright from his body. I looked at how large my 19-year-old brother was he was really thick and long. He then jokingly started masturbating in front of his two sisters and I started laughing. "I'll squirt you both" he said as then proceeded to masturbate faster and I was now waiting for my drunk brother to squirt. He stood above my body as I was lying under the covers still in a shirt. I looked at him as he pulled himself in front of us. He then put his penis closer to me, hoping I would touch his cock. I turned my head in saying no, but he then pushed it closer to me until it was centimetres in front of my face. "Come on Sis" he said to me as I then gave in and put my mouth up and over his penis.Anton's large cock entered my mouth and started sucking him back and forth, he tasted of another woman's vagina and sperm but I continued sucking him. I put a hand under his body and gently touched his balls as I sucked. After about a minute of me sucking back and forth he pulled out of my mouth and started masturbating in front of me again. I then waited for his explosion as I Hussyfan Lolitas had my face turned. I then felt hot liquid against my face as he aimed for me. I had my eyes closed as his sperm hit me. I wiped some away from my eyes and I could taste his cum on me. I wiped it away and looked at his penis that still had some cum around its head. I put a hand up to touch it and rubbed some semen against his cock.
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